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Our Computer Repair and maintenance Services are available for all kinds of personal computers – Desktops, Laptops and All-in-one Computers etc.

Our engineers have the capability to provide efficient and economical solutions for all kinds of hardware issues faced with computers. We also have the capability to do motherboard and chip level repairs at our state-of-the-art repair facility. Our in-house experts can swiftly diagnose the issue and suggest a solution to fix your PC.

We also have IT spares parts readily available in stock with us to deliver faster repair turn-around time. Our services cater to both under-warranty and out-of-warranty products.

Customers have a choice to avail our services by walking in to any of our support centers, requesting a technician to visit to your home/office or ordering a pickup and delivery.



Nothing is more frustrating than something not working when you need it most.

PCs running any version of Windows need frequent Computer Repair and maintenance and updating, especially if connected to an internet connection. New vulnerabilities are always found and patched. Keeping your computer up-to-date with service packs and critical updates should be a priority to any computer user.

Provided you are still covered under warranty, and time permitting, a computer user can always ship their machine back to the manufacturer for PC repair. In many ways, of course, the manufacturer is the best choice for repairing your computer. However, there is often a significant amount of time spent waiting for the return of a computer from a manufacturer.


We repair all laptop related issues and service all major brands.


We diagnose & repair all major brand desktop and all-in-one PC's.


We can track down any hardware related issues and repair them.